Talking with an Innovator from the Canadian Innovation Exchange

Dayforce, a workforce management company, is one of the companies recently named the Top 20 Innovative Companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange. They focus on workforce performance, which helps companies improve their return on their human capital or, in other words, their people. According to Alex Kenjeev, the company’s VP of Corporate Development, Dayforce “helps ensure that each employee has a positive impact on profit.”

While workforce management solutions have been around for years, Dayforce is one of the first to tackle the user experience, developing technology that takes into account the clients who are buying the solutions and the users that will be making use of them. Earlier this year, Dayforce was named a Top HR Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive magazine (for the press release click here).

Overall, their “solutions enable managers to make better decisions with confidence,” according to Alex. They use multimedia to improve workflow management and “free up manager time to do other vital business tasks” instead of trying to manage workflow.