Who are the winners in the event management space in a Web 3.0 world?

We think it’s safe to say that the folks over at Eventbrite have created an event system that could be considered the “business version of the evite tool.” But how useful is this service? Although both are free web based applications, can Eventbrite win the mass popularity of more personalized and consumer driven sites like evite? How is the company differentiating itself from its competitors and where have they been successful? 

One of the consistent things about Eventbrite from a usability perspective is its integration in accordance to socially focused tools such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The service allows users to create a unique webpage for their respective event which in turns provides a promotional platform for event creators to reach mass audiences and share information with friends, fans and followers. Sites like evite are more consumer focused and don’t have the capabilites for add ons such as ticket sales that eventually lead to event monetization. Eventbrite’s unique market proposition lies in its succint and viable user interface which in turn lends itself to a purchase based event model, thus widening its appeal in the marketplace drastically.  Accordingly, its integrated promotional approach and its supported featured integration with PayPal Premium and Business accounts also make the service highly usable.

With evite reaching a potentially different audience than Eventbrite, who are some of the company’s competitors? We’re familiar with Eventbee, 123Signup and RegOnline as some of the players in the event management space, but where does Eventbrite stack up in comparaison to these web-based tools? Share your experiences using Eventbrite and tell us about the competitors you feel are making waves in this seemingly contested space.