Who Needs a Doctor When You Have Vancouver’s Healthism.com?

Hate going to the doctors but don’t trust Yahoo Answers to diagnose your symptoms? Try Healthism.com.

Damon Ramsey is the founder of Healthism.com, a “quality source for personalized, interactive health content.” Damon, a physician and entrepreneur based out of Vancouver, founded Healthism to address the lack of in-depth and individually specific health information.

The website features free, personalized health assessments that ask a series of questions and then offer suggestions, explanations, and health scores based on your particular situation. There’s also a wealth of information in the form of articles that can be searched by gender, topic, etc.

Healthism isn’t groundbreaking; there is a plethora of information on personal health elsewhere online. But the vast majority of it is, at best, unreliable and questionable. Healthism is a credible source for accurate information. While nothing beats talking in person with a qualified doctor for serious issues, Healthism may at least be able to lessen the trips.