Who to watch at GROW 2010: Leonard Brody


Who to watch at GROW 2010: Leonard Brody

What do you get when you mix a venture capitalist with a best-selling author, multiple-Emmy nominated media visionary and highly respected entrepreneur?

You get Leonard Brody. Or, as he has been called, “a controversial leader of the new world order.”

Touted a journalism killer for his creation of the Vancouver-based NowPublic, a citizen-run content mill, Brody has led a storied career as a serial entrepreneur. In addition to raising millions of dollars for various startups, he was a part of one of the largest-ever initial public offerings ($240 million)—and that’s not to mention his involvement in building, financing and/or selling five companies (so far).

Brody is currently president of the Clarity Digital Group, which is responsible for verseeing one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world, which includes giants like Examiner.com and NowPublic.

Body has been described by an old college mate and business partner as “always having many balls in the air,” but he’s one hell of a juggler and doesn’t just manage it—he makes it look easy.

That’s not to say he can’t concentrate. After all, he finished law school. But in his own words, he “generally finds that constraining.”

Not that he would even reflect on that, because he’s always got his eyes on the road ahead: “I’m not the type to look back and feel pride in what I’ve done,” Brody told Canadian Business magazine this past April. “I prefer to always look forward.”

Then, bluntly, he states, “I’m an opportunist.”

No kidding.