Who will be the next President of New Media BC?

With current New Media BC President Kenton Low stepping down, its time for the rampant speculation to begin on who will be the next president. Clearly, every candidate must already be an active member of the new media community and well versed in tech. But they also have to have that undefinable quality that makes them not just an innovator but a leader.

First up, Rochelle Grayson. As former president at Work at Play, and with a social media resume that is as long as anyone’s in BC, she’s obviously got both business experience and the social know-how to steer BC new media into the future. And she’s the interm executive director of NMBC, so it’s an easy fit. 

But equally qualified is Boris Mann, ex of Bryght and currently incubating startups at Bootup Labs. Mann has plenty of experience guiding small but potentially disruptive companies into the world, and arguably that’s where NMBC should concentrate its efforts, since small Internet companies have a tendency of succeed exponentially, when they succeed at all.

But if NMBC is looking for someone from a big industry player, they could bring in Paul Lee, ex of Electronic Arts. Vancouver is one of the biggest hubs for video game development on the planet, and there are few bigger players in that space than EA. And since Lee’s already an NMBC director, he’s clearly has the requisite experience to take on the job. 

And if NMBC wants to bring in some old-media experience (while there still is an old media), they could use Earl Hong Tai, who has successfully pointed the sometimes change-phobic Canadian film industry towards new media waters. 

And of course it wouldn’t be a contest without a dark horse, and that’s Kris Krug. Ex of both Raincity Studios and Bryght, Krug is also a renowned photographer, new media impresario and all-around tech presence in Vancouver. And he’s got one hell of a beard.