Who Will Buy Marqui?

Our Wednesday blog post on the continuing Marqui saga and Vancouver’s newest marketing automation competitor has kicked off a flurry of comments. Now, the big question is who is going to acquire Marqui’s assets & goodwill and provide some much needed support for their 300+ active clients?

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that one of Marqui’s current resellers picks up the assets as they potentially have the most to lose (or win) at this point. Marqui lists Telus, Ottawa-based Fenix Solutions, and Vancouver’s Graphically Speaking as their current service partners. Any other suggestions? Add them to the comments below.

No matter where these clients end up, there seems to be a consensus that there is no need to run for the exits. Ex-Marqui executive Rick Patri is encouraging current Marqui clients to “Relax and do nothing… There is no need to panic as the Marqui product is fully functioning and the hosted sites are operational… So just sit back and wait and see what happens and then make a decision”. And Marqui’s VP of Client Services, Jackie Reid, has been helpful by providing options for contingency planning, including some outside sources to go to if clients want a second opinion. Reid’s reassuring tone should keep clients around long enough to see to ends up holding the Marqui keys.