Who’s running Bell’s Google AdWords campaign?

At Techvibes we keep a pretty close eye on our stats and are well aware of which blog posts and site pages are most popular thanks to the magic of Google Analytics.

One five-year old Forum post titled Telus vs Shaw for Internet – who should I choose? continues to pull in big traffic thanks to that age-old question. Anyone comparing the two Internet Service Providers is likely to stumble across this page and may even browse through the 71 responses that have acumulated over time.

Since the Forum section of our site is a bit of a relic from the past, we’ve added Google Adsense units below the original comment to see if we can monetize these pages. Today I noticed that TELUS themselves was advertising in one of the ad placements but was surprised to see that they weren’t capitalizing their brand name like they do everywhere else online.

Turns out it isn’t TELUS at all. Curious I clicked on the ad (using the AdSense Preview Tool, of course) only to be led to Business Internet Services page on Bell’s website. Questionable online advertising practices at best.

Anybody know who’s running Bell’s Google AdWords campaign?