Why are Companies Choosing to Establish a Presence and Grow in Vancouver?

Why are companies like Amazon and Facebook choosing to establish a presence and grow in Vancouver?

Invoke Labs’ Keith Ippel feels it is Vancouver’s startup ecosystem that makes Vancity a unique place for tech right now and his article What Sets Vancouver Apart from Canada’s Other Tech Startup Ecosystems explained it well.

“Together we form a community that supports businesses while complementing one another’s offerings, with government funding plugging in to further bolster the startup environment,” he said. “This network is a reflection of the maturing of the startup community and tech scene in Vancouver.”

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Next week the Vancouver Enterprise Forum digs a little deeper to try to answer the question “Why Vancouver?”

The VEF has assembled a panel to discuss the benefits, challenges and unique aspects of running a technology business in Vancouver.

  • Mozilla’s David Ascher
  • Avigilon’s Angela Baldonero
  • Aquatic Informatics’ Eric Dorgelo
  • SAP Labs Canada’s Kirsten Sutton

VEF’s Why Vancouver? is on Tuesday, November 26 at the Vancity Theatre. Register online to attend.