Why BuildDirect Decided to Give Employees Unlimited Vacation

BuildDirect has decided to give its employees unlimited vacation.

CEO Jeff Booth believes that te best measure of success at BuildDirect is “what employees accomplish, not the number of hours they clock.”

He expanded on this idea in a blog post on LinkedIn:

We have a team of capable, conscientious people and we think they are the best judge of how they need to manage their responsibilities and their lives. We trust them to manage what they need to get accomplished and how best to deliver results, whether that involves vacation or when and how they work. We wanted to create a system that allows the best people to excel.

“We want our team to be steeped in learning on the job but also recognize that they benefit from all types of learning,” he wrote. “Time off to develop new interests, pursue hobbies, and travel is all part of the continual learning process.”

BuildDirect is currently hiring in Vancouver.