Why do Canadians use their smartphones for dumb things?

One third of Canadians use smartphones—but not a lot of these smartphones are really being used.

According to a report launched recently by comScore, the two most popular activities done on smartphones are texting (64.5 percent of users do this) and taking photos (48.9 percent). These are the two things that dumb phones have been able to do for many years and do not in any way require a smartphone.

In fact, the data suggests that only 40 percent of smartphone users in Canada appear to use apps, and a mere 33 percent browse the web. These are two of the biggest advantages of smartphones versus dumb phones… and they’re being severely under utilized.

Email usage is also at a woeful 30 percent and accessing various smartphone perks like social networking, maps, and news range from a lowly 25 percent to an awful 9 percent.

All of which begs the question: why do one third of Canadians have smartphones if less than half use their smart features? Do these people really pay $50 or more per month for data plans when they don’t even surf the web? Is there that much social status and peer pressure orbiting around the mobile device one uses that they must dish out the extra dough to own something they have little to no need for?

Or are Canadians just oblivious to what their phones are capable of? To what apps are really out there, to how powerful these mobile devices have truly become?

Let us know your theories in the comments.

Sent text message 64.5%
Took photos 48.9%
Used application 40.6%
Accessed news and information 35.2%
Used browser 32.7%
Used email (work or personal) 29.7%
Played games 27.3%
Accessed social networking site or blog 25.4%
Accessed weather 22.9%
Used major instant messaging service 21.1%
Accessed search 21.1%
Captured video 20.3%
Listened to music on mobile phone 19.0%
Accessed maps 17.5%
Accessed sports information 13.1%
Accessed entertainment news 13.0%
Accessed movie information 12.0%
Accessed bank accounts 11.1%
Accessed restaurant information 9.8%
Accessed financial news or stock quotes 9.4%

Chart: comScore