Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

In world of filled with apps, geeks are now the heroes of companies. A little coding can start a multi-billion dollar company; look no further than Facebook, Twitter, and Google for examples. Coding skills are extremely sought after these days—large companies will often acquire startups specifically for their talented software engineers.

The good news for us non-geeks is that we don’t have to be hardcore programmers to reap some of the benefits. “Coding familiarity is becoming more of an asset across all industries. You don’t need to know how to reprogram your computer to operate it, but understanding how it works will help you imagine how programs can change to better serve your industry,” says Online College. “So, if you’re among those of us who’ve always thought programming was impossibly hard or reserved for the tech-minded, consider learning a little code. There’s never been a better (or more supportive) time to get ahead of the curve.”

Here’s why everyone should learn a little code.

Infographic: Online College