Here’s One Big Reason Why Foreign Entrepreneurs Often Choose Canada Over the US

Several major Canadian cities are among North America’s highest for quality of life.

According to a survey issued by global business consultant Mercer, Vancouver has the highest quality of life of any city in North America.

In second? Ottawa.

In third? Toronto.

In fourth? Montreal.

Only one US city—San Francisco—squeaked into the top five.


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The survey suggests Vancouver ranked above Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal primarily because of climate: it’s the only major city in Canada with a mild winter. Globally, the city was ranked 5th on the list—Ottawa 14th, Toronto, 15th, and Montreal 23rd.

Quality of life is a common reason entreprenuers choose to build to startups, especially in Vancouver, which often draws foreign entrepreneurs, particularly as a result of Canada’s new foreign-friendly startup visa program.