Netflix Explains Why Its Canadian Content Library is So Different from the US

Ever wonder why Netflix’s content library varies so dramatically from region to region? The company decided to answer that question for you one of its Quick Guide YouTube videos.

Netflix cites three core reasons as to why each country has its own library:

1. Location

2. Popularity

3. Purchasing rights

“Programming on Netflix is different from region to region because of how TV shows and movies are licensed,” explains Joris Evers, Netflix’s director of corporate communications.. “Organizations that own the rights to those shows license the rights by geography. So this means that we have to acquire rights on a territory by territory basis. And that’s why what you watch on Netflix in Brazil is different from you see in Sweden or the US.”

Popularity comes into play because, if a certain show or film is not being watched in a country, Netflix may drop it because it’s not profitable. But that show could still appear in other countries, where members in those regions watch that specific content often.

The video streaming company says all of its content decisions are based on “detailed research” that gives insight into what each country’s users are most interested in.