Wiivv Innovates from the Foot Up

Demand for proper foot support is a common focus within the athletic and fitness industries, but what about the everyday athlete—those who experience foot fatigue from spending long days on their feet, regardless of whether or not athletics are involved?

We all take up to 2,000 steps per day, but for those of us who work on our feet, these numbers are even higher; nurses will take around 7,888 steps during an average 8 hour shift, and restaurant servers can take up to 10,332 steps during a typical 6 hour shift. That’s a lot of pressure on your feet to live up to your daily life.

The solution? Mass customization.

Wiivv Wearables is catering to this market of “industrial athletes” with their custom made-to-fit insoles, available on Kickstarter until February 5. Using a scalable, enterprise level Adaptive Manufacturing System that features the world’s fastest product customization engine, Wiivv has broken the one-size-fits-all approach, making any device for the human body customizable with disruptive levels of convenience and affordability for the end user.

Setting out to change the game when it comes to insoles, Wiivv has worked with biomechanical experts in sports medicine, orthotics and pedorthics to design a proprietary product customization engine that begins with digital capture and ends with manufacturing of a biomechanically enhanced 3D print-ready file in seconds.

Using pictures taken through the Wiivv smartphone app, each pair of BASE insoles is processed and printed using enterprise-grade 3D printers. The result is a pair of custom-made insoles that fit your feet perfectly.

Wiivv has just launched its first official initiative, the Karma Program, to honor people who spend lives working on their feet, or as Wiivv calls them, industrial athletes. Wiivv is offering every Kickstarter backer the opportunity to donate a free pair of BASE by Wiivv insoles to an industrial athlete of their choice with the purchase of two pairs of the insoles for themselves.

Wiivv first gained support from the industrial athlete community in 2015 with the rollout of their Wiivv100 program, enlisting a group of 100 users to test and fine-tune the 3D printed insoles. The group included nurses, firefighters, search and rescue workers, and other professionals who were lacking proper foot support on the job.

While this new campaign is designed to support these industrial athletes, the custom-made insoles are ultimately designed to help the 80% that suffer from foot fatigue by targeting the top three issues in foot support: maximizing comfort, promoting alignment, and lessening fatigue.