Wikibrands author to speak at Social Media Camp Victoria

Author Sean Moffit sees what few others see. In collaborative websites and companies that encourage customer participation (think Wikipedia) there is huge opportunity for companies to get their message out — even if they lose control of that message.

Moffit is the co-author of Wikibrands, a recently published book that tells readers about a fundamental shift in marketing. No longer can marketing bigwigs hold a viselike grip on their message and unveil elements to a passively receptive audience. Now, it’s all about engagement and interactivity when it comes to marketing, and that’s something to be embraced, he argues.

By listening to customers, companies can get their marketing done for them. They can learn what needs to be improved and save on R&D expenses. But to do this, the companies need to be involved with the online conversation. By managing, monitoring and moderating carefully the conversations that their customers are having, companies can gain new insights and let customers be their best ambassadors.

Moffit has just been added to the speaker roll at Social Media Camp Victoria 2011, and he will be sharing his findings with the audience at that event. You can find registration information for SMCV11 here.

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