Will Adobe Social Blow Hootsuite Out of the Water? Yes… and No

Most social media management platforms like Pinerly or CoTweet focus on the management of a single social media platform. But Adobe Social, part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, will allow you to manage multiple social media platforms and do so much more.

Vancouver-based HootSuite, a social media dashboard, hasn’t been shy to include Adobe in their efforts. They’ve entered in a partnership to help quantify social media ROI.

Adobe wants to calculate social media ROI. But the company has also taken major steps forward in saying that Adobe Social can do the following: 

1. Streamline and centralize publishing across social platforms.

2. Automate targeting and personalization of content and experiences in social applications and across social platforms.

3. Seamlessly integrate sponsored story ad creation within the publishing workflow to maximize the reach of important content and campaigns. 

4. Monitor and moderate conversations both within your communities and anywhere it happens on the social web. 

5. Import analytics data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blogs and other social platforms into Adobe Social and tie social activities to business results.

6. Identify and engage key influencers to drive positive conversations about your brand. 

7. Monitor the sentiment of conversations and receive alerts on relevant trends.

8. Easily create and deploy social apps, such as contests or forms, without the need for design or development resources.

9. Directly measure across the customer journey how social media interactions and engagement drive purchase behaviour. 

While we explained Efficient Frontier’s role in helping Adobe use big data to create predictive analytics modeling up to three weeks into the future on certain trends, Adobe Social is also complemented by something called “social ad campaign optimization.” Efficient Frontier’s technology allows Adobe to bring social ad buying and social campaign optimization to its Digital Marketing Suite. 

“This technology provides multi-channel campaign management and optimization across the leading digital ad marketplaces,” Adobe says. “In addition to search, display and Facebook support, the former Efficient Frontier technology now supports campaign management and optimization capabilities for LinkedIn Ads.

The Suite consists of integrated applications to collect and unleash the power of customer insight to optimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention efforts as well as the creation and distribution of content. For example, using the Suite, marketers can identify the most effective marketing strategies and ad placements as well as create relevant, personalized and consistent customer experiences across digital marketing channels, such as onsite, display, email, social, video and mobile. The Suite enables marketers to make quick adjustments, automate certain customer interactions and better maximize marketing ROI, which, ultimately, can positively impact the bottom line.”

However, Adobe Social won’t be available until the latter half of 2012. So companies involved in this space do have time to respond to the ridiculous capabilities of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. 

The Digital Marketing Suite that includes Adobe Social is an “enterprise-based product,” unlike Adobe’s Creative Suite. That means HootSuite can still easily cater to the actively social media engaged and small to medium-sized business owners.

Further, pricing is not generally disclosed as the Suite, capable of many things, will cater in a custom way to the individual organization. So yes, Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite will likely end up being far superior—but Hootsuite’s social management platform provides access to all. 

Adobe says that the impact of social media is undervalued by 100%.  I guess that’s what billions worth of acquisitions can do for you in the social media space, including the likes of Omniture for $1.8 billion back in 2009. It can be tough for guys like Ryan Holmes of HootSuite, focused on building a $1 billion dollar company, when giants like Adobe, hungry to enter the social media marketing space, step in with billions of their own. 

Still, Hootsuite looks to be in a pretty decent position for now, working with Adobe on quantifying social media ROI and catering to a different type of customer, too.