Will iPads Replace TVs in Taxis?

iPads may replace television screens in the backseats of taxis if a pilot program goes well. American mobile payments company Square made the proposal, which will see 50 taxi cabs in New York City be outfitted with iPads.

Having a tablet embedded into the rear head cushion allows riders to be entertained in more ways than with a regulae TV, such as the ability to play games. It would also allow riders to pay their fare from the back seat via credit card—hence why Square is pushing the concept.

The idea was detailed in a recent New York Times article. In the piece, Twitter executive Jack Dorsey—also deeply involved in Square—is noted as making the original pitch. Having a name like that supporting the campaign, supplemented by Square’s evidence success, gives the pilot a good shot at becoming reality soon after. 

Might a Canadian counterpart to Square, such as the award-winning, Vancouver-based startup Payfirma, push for something similar North of the border?