Will next Toronto Mayor be tech-savvy?


The race is officially on. 

Toronto’s David Miller, known affectionately as Mayor Miller, earlier this year announced that he will not be rtounning for a third term as Mayor of Toronto.  As of the writing of this post, 14 people have registered to be Mayoral candidates.

Over the past 5 years Miller has not only tweeted his way into the social media hearts of Toronto’s twitterati but he also spearheaded toronto.ca/open – building a city that thinks like the web.  In 2008 he was also Mayor when the The City of Toronto’s Web 2.0 Summit explored how Web 2.0 technology can change the way governments interact with citizens, create policies and make decisions. 

Whomever becomes the next Toronto Mayor will not only have to understand how to govern Canada’s 6th largest government, but may also need to be tech-savvy.

The next question may be, which smartphone does our future Mayor use?  iPhone or Blackberry? Or something else?