WINBC and New Media BC announce 2010 Showcase

WINBC and New Media BC announced the launch of a Wireless and New Media Showcase today and an open-call for all any BC or Canadian organization involved in wireless or new media as well as entrepreneurs, developers, designers and students to submit an application.  This joint initiative will showcase existing innovative wireless and new media technologies in the region while providing innovative wireless services to locals and visitors during the 2010 Winter Games.

The Wireless and New Media Showcase is looking for: existing applications and services from private sector companies and educational institutions that can be combined or integrated to create a comprehensive experience for locals, visitors, athletes, media and sponsors. The idea is to keep costs down, minimize the risk and keep it as simple as possible by using services that would need very little customization and re-formatting to be integrated into a converged and comprehensive user experience.

It’s a great opportunity to get exposure in front of 15,000 non-accredited media and hundreds of thousands of visitors; to connect directly with the economic opportunities; to build capacity; develop new relationships, realize investment and commercialization opportunities; and to collaborate with peers from all sides of the wireless and new media community on a focused, world-class project.

Selection criteria, application form and a timeline can be found online (be patient – the site was not live at time of writing). The deadline for applications is February 28th, 2009.