Wind Mobile Boosts Product Lineup with HTC Amaze 4G

One of the disadvantages of rolling with the startup carriers is that they typically have noticably inferior product lineups when compared with the Big Three. They don’t have iPhones, for starters, and historically they have often gotten decent devices only after the gadgets had become outdated (such as the last-gen BlackBerry Bold).

However, this has slowly been changing. In recent times, the discount carriers have been able to stock higher-end smartphones sooner. The latest exampe of this is Wind Mobile about to get the HTC Amaze 4G, possibly the best device Wind has ever sold (on time).

The Amaze has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 8 MP camera with dual flash. You better have big pockets, though, because with a massive 4.3-inch screen, this smartphone is almost a mini-tablet.

Wind Mobile will stock the HTC Amaze 4G starting this Friday, December 2nd. The device will sell for $249 on the WINDtab+.

(Oh, and just so you know, Techvibes will be giving away an HTC Amaze 4G courtesy of Telus in our awesome 12 Days of Xmas contest.)