WIND Mobile bursts onto Vancouver scene with ‘Random acts of kindness’

Vancouver, meet WIND. WIND, Vancouver.

WIND Mobile, Canada’s newest national wireless provider, is preparing to launch its wireless service in Vancouver. 85 fresh-faced WIND employees will introduce themselves to the community by spending the day providing “Random Acts of Kindness” on Sunday, May 30th. 

Flooding the downtown core, the employees will be doing everything from tidying up local parks, assisting shoppers with grocery bags, holding doors open for people, and handing out refreshments to beach-goers as a unique way to celebrate their upcoming launch. 

Organically born, the program began when the upstart wireless provider’s launch was delayed last fall and its employees could not begin work immediately. WIND Mobile asked its employees to develop creative ways to utilize time that and benefit the community. 

Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of WIND Mobile, had this to say: “We were blown away with the ideas that our employees came up with to give back to the community and what they were able to accomplish. ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ received so much positive feedback from both our employees and the community that we’ve implemented the program in each market where we’ve launched.” He added, “As a new wireless provider committed to doing things differently, it makes sense that our launch is different as well.” 

85 WIND employees will be available for photos and interviews on Sunday from 12pm to 3pm “all across the city.”