Wind Mobile files formal complaint against Rogers and Chatr over inaccurate claims in ads

Rogers will soon have yet another complaint on its record.

Following Moblicity’s complain with the Competition Bureau over Rogers’ abuse of its dominant market position, Wind Mobile is filing a complaint over the telecom titan’s uninformed advertising.

“There is absolutely no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim to have more network reliability and fewer dropped calls than Wind,” Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera said in keynote address to the Toronto Board of Trade today. “The truth is that Rogers doesn’t have access to our network stats and we don’t have access to theirs, which makes it impossible to accurately compare networks.”

Anthony says the complaint is different from Moblicity’s, which ultimately failed because Chatr’s prices matched – but did not undercut – the startups’ prices.

Quoth the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Lacavera said he wasn’t “whining” about competition, but merely wanted to address Chatr’s marketing material, which has built a campaign around the fact that it has the same prices as many new entrants, such as Wind and Mobilicity, but has a much more stable network with “fewer dropped calls.”