Wind Mobile Losing Gusto as Growth Comes to Grinding Halt

Canadian discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile added only 12,364 new subscribers during its last quarter, the company reported today. This is up just 3% from the previous quarter.

The startup carrier now has 415,000 subscribers, despite once boasting about a lofty goal of having one million by this time. Wind is also struggling to increase ARPU—it’s up only 2.2% year-over-year.

Wind is one of the discount carriers created in the last government auction with the hopes of triggering a surge in healthy competition among Canadian telcos. However, Wind—as well as the other newcomers, including Public Mobile and Mobilicity—have had a difficult time loosening The Big Three’s iron-grip on 95% of the country’s wireless market.

Later this year, or early next, another government auction will sell more spectrum. Some is reserved exclusively for the startup carriers.

Photo: Financial Post