Wind Mobile Speeds Up Roaming Data, Lowers Price by 95%

This week Wind Mobile introduced improved domestic roaming with faster data and lower speeds.

Speeds can now reach up to 42 Mbps, or more than 300 times faster than before. Prices have lowered: 15 cents per mintue to talk (previously 20 cents), five cents per text (previously 15 cents), and five cents per megabyte of data (previously $1).

“Our new domestic roaming rates and roaming network speeds give our customers the freedom to use their phone while travelling anywhere across Canada and the U.S., adding increased value and coverage to our already low-priced plans,” said Mirko Rugarli, chief marketing officer of Wind.

“Wind Mobile is offering Canadians exactly what they’ve asked for,” said Rugarli. “We know that almost 50 per cent of Canadians are concerned with paying roaming fees within their home country, and that doesn’t include U.S. travel. That’s why we’re committed to giving Canadians the choice for true mobile freedom and the fourth national carrier that they deserve.”