Wind Mobile wants exclusive to Google smartphone in Canada

Not surprisingly, startup carrier WIND Mobile is pursuing a powerful ally in Google and is eager to carry their new Nexus One smartphone in Canada. Google unveiled the Nexus One on Tuesday and it is currently available in the United States only.

The National Post is reporting that in an interview, Chris Robbins, the chief customer officer for WIND said today that the firm has contacted Google about getting the Nexus One smartphone into Canada.

Exclusive rights to the Nexus One would be a huge win for WIND and maybe not impossible. WIND Mobile it is the only carrier in the Canadian market whose network operates on the AWS spectrum band, the same band as T-Mobile USA, the carrier Google has partnered with to launch the device in the United States. Incumbent carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus all offer similar 3G networks, but none operate on the AWS band.

If you’re delaying an smartphone upgrade until the Nexus One is available North of the border, don’t hold your breath. The reality is that Canada is a small market and we may not see the Nexus One here for awhile.