Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now has 30,000 apps from 8,000 developers. 53% are paid and 17% are games

There are now 30,000 apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, up from 17,000 in May.

The Marketplace has added more than 1,000 apps in the past 2 weeks and has over 8,000 approved developers.

53% of apps in WP7’s app store are paid. English is the primary language for 75% of all apps. 17% of the marketplace’s apps are games, 14% are personal finance, 14% are tools and productivity, 11% are entertainment, and 9% are news and weather.

1,000 new developers signed up recently when a Microsoft exec tweeted that all published webOS developers would be given a warm welcome to come build for WP7—quoth Brandon Watson, “To Any Published WebOS Devs: We’ll give you what you need to be successful on #WindowsPhone, phones, dev tools, and training, etc.”

Microsoft’s next mobile platform, the “Mango” OS, is expected to launch this fall with 500-plus new features and Internet Explorer 9 (because everybody loves IE in 2011…).