Wine and digital media meet in a social marketing mashup

Wine is a beverage inherently attached to social experiences and celebrations. You drink wine, you mingle. Which is why, in the Okanagan region of B.C., which is this province’s “wine country,” wine is mingling with social media.

Kelowna-based digital agency Artistech Newmedia and Vancouver-based beverage consultancy Artisan Group are planning the release of a small wine collection called Include().

Those who get their hands on Include() will enjoy not only superb taste, but the most ‘social’ bottle of wine ever created, say the creators.

“Include() will be extremely high-quality wines,” says Mark Simpson, Artisan Group owner. “Releasing something weak tasting to people who spend their days on social media platforms wouldn’t be a smart idea at all, so crafting a premium product for us is critical.” 

“The obviously fun part of this project is that our demographic includes very tech savvy people, early adopters,” adds Brad Marshall, one of Artistech’s co-owners. “That allows us to do some creative marketing you don’t often see on premium bottles.”  

On how the idea of mingling wine and the web came about, Brad explains, “Wine is social, and so is the web. So we’re experimenting by bringing the two together. I think it’s natural for those in the web industry to want to make any experience more interactive and social.”

One social media aspect of the wines is that people’s tweets will be included on the bottle’s label.

“Call it message on a bottle if you will,” said Brad. “Each bottle will be designed with messages contributed from people all over the world via social media.”

This year will see the release of two premium wines, a light-bodied Rosé due out in March 2011 and a rich Bordeaux-style red blend available in Fall 2011.