Winners of CMA Mobile Marketing Conference tickets

The Canadian Marketing Association is hosting a Mobile Marketing Conference on April 8th at One Up Restaurant and Lounge in Toronto and Techvibes has been running a contest to give away two tickets valued at $495 each.

To enter the ticket draw, we asked you to simply comment on the contest announcement blog post telling us what you’re hoping to take away from the conference.

The winners are @AnitaWindisman and @staneymv and here’s why they’re excited about attending:

@AnitaWindisman – I’ve been an online marketer since 1997 and have seen everything from the emergence of banner advertising, to the dotcom bust, and now the rise of social media. I’ve always advocated an integrated marketing approach, so I’d very much like to attend the conference to stay current on mobile marketing trends and developments and hear about marketing success stories. Please pick me! 🙂

@staneymv – As a MBA grad student majoring in technology and marketing, the evolution of the mobile marketing industry holds so much promise and I would love to gain some valuable insights from industry experts! Look forward to it!

Thanks to everyone for entering.