Winnipeg Web Dev Shop launches another shopping site

Winnipeg’s Tipping Canoe has been busy. In the last week they have launched two sites that promise to make online shopping a little easier – JungleNinja and Grabacode.

JungleNinja is a ninja monkey that stalks the jungle 24/7 looking for discounted products and updating the website automatically when any Amazon item is reduced by 20% or more. is a comprehensive list of coupon codes that can be typed into discount boxes seen during the checkout phase on retail sites such as Home Outfitters and Sears.

“We noticed there weren’t any good online resources where people could go and quickly find a coupon code that could save them money,” said Evan Falk, a Web developer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. “So we came up with a site that doesn’t have spam or inaccurate codes, and is easy to use.”

To ensure consumers receive the latest information, Grabacode is monitored and updated every day as real-life shoppers and computer technology add new codes to the list. Consumers can subscribe by e-mail or RSS and get updates immediately when a new coupon code has been discovered. They can also flag codes that are no longer working.