Wishabi Helps Canadians Find The Best Deals

Wishabi.ca is a new Toronto-based startup focused on improving the online shopping experience for Canadians. We covered their launch previously in Jan 2009, and since then Wishabi has grown to over 50,000 users, 250 merchants, three million products and more than 20,000 crowd-sourced deals. Wishabi is led by an ex-Microsoft team and has raised $1.5 million from angel investors till date.

They recently announced a major update to their technology called “predictive intelligence” which provides price and value comparisons of the three million products in their database. Consumers get to know if they are getting the best deal locally / cross-border and if the prices are expected to move up/down. Wishabi has a patent-pending deal-rank algorithm to give consumers a quick overview of the added value a merchant offers beyond the price. Check out the screenshots:


It is great to see a local, Toronto-based start-up, developing such a useful product meant specifically for the Canadian market. Here is a quote from Wehuns Tan, Wishabi’s CEO, from the press release: “With the latest features offered on Wishabi.ca, consumers now have ready access to more complete information to ensure they can make smarter and more confident buying decisions, and get the most value from their purchase.” I met with Wehuns recently and got some more perspective on Wishabi and will be posting the video interview later today.