With Christmas on the horizon, Facebook stocks Credits gift cards in Canadian Walmarts and Best Buys

FacebookWhat more could you want for Christmas this year than a $25 gift certificate for Facebook Credits?

As if we needed another gift card and/or online currency, Canadians can now pick up $10 and $25 gift cards at Walmarts and Best Buys across the nation. Gift recipients can cash them in online as Facebook Credits, the social network’s recently revamped online currency.

As of right now, a little over 200 applications are currently using Facebook Credits (from about 75 developers). According to Facebook, Credits involve “more than half” of game experiences.

I like to play for free myself. If I do spend real money on a game, I choose higher quality products—EA’s NHL 11, or Blizzard’s World of Wacraft, as examples—than constructing pixelated farms.

To each their own, but if you’re planning to fill my stockings, do it with something other than a Facebook Credit gift card. Please.

(I do know who’d love one of these though.)