On Topic of Tablets, Women Say Size Matters

To women, size does matter. And according to most, smaller is better.

Hearst Magazines president David Carey says that men enjoy both large and small tablets (with a modest preference to the former) while women strongly favour the smaller, 7-inch devices. This is based on data from Hearst, which currently has 900,000 paid digital digital magazine subscribers.

“Our men’s products did well on the 10-inch iPad, but our women’s products did not. But they did really well on the 7-inch units—something that you can easily slip into your purse,” said Carey at the Dive Into Media conference this week. “We saw the 7-inch devices having more traction with women, while the larger 10-inch devices had more traction with men.”

Hearst expects to have up to three million paying digital subscribers by 2016. But even though the company is evidently excelling in the mobile space, even Carey admits his crystal ball is foggy: “We and everyone else are in a period of huge experimentation on mobile,” he told the audience.