Woody and Buzz are heading north

Walt Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios announced today that they’re opening a 20,000-square-foot studio in the fall in downtown Vancouver and hiring up to 100 people to supplement the company’s headquarters near San Francisco that employs about 900. The Vancouver studio will focus on the short-form computer animation.

The arrival of Pixar is a major endorsement for Vancouver considering the recent layoffs at EA’s Black Box. The only question now is what part of town they’ll move in to. My money is on the EA’s cancelled Yaletown space across the street from our office – 22,000 square feet of brand new space a block from the new Yaletown Skytrain Station.

Update: Looks like I’m wrong. Word on the street is that United Front Games will relocate from their space at 1128 Homer Street to take the entire 22,000 sq. ft. that was intended for EA on Mainland Street.