WordCamp Vancouver This September

So far Vancouver has hosted two of its own WordCamps to discusss, share, educate and collaborate using WordPress and we’ve even seen this event reach out into the Fraser Valley. This fall, as a part of BarCamp, WordCamp will be taking up a hefty morning slot for all of those who need their fix.

Duane Storey (of Brave New Code) and I (of sixty4media) will be spearheading WordCamp and Duane’s already got the call out on his blog this morning:

If you have a topic you’re potentially interested in presenting, or have something you’d like to have talked about, please leave a note in the appropriate section on the Wiki Page (the password is c4mp). The actual people who end up presenting will be decided the morning of the event, but we’re just interested in what people would like to hear. [DuaneStorey]

We’re looking forward to another successful BarCamp and hope that WordCamp will be a nice complement in this environment of learning, participation, and sharing.