WordPress: From Zero to Hero – A Refresh Event

On February 11th Refresh Events, the collaborative community mandated to empower networking and synergies within the interactive community, is promoting the WordPress Zero to Hero event at The Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street in Toronto.

With admission at $125 per ticket, you can be certain that this is a small investment for unquantifiable insights offered.  Keynote speaker Peter Flaschner, a staple of online, digital and experiential marketing brings a highly regarded portfolio of skills, brand names and design leadership to the session.  A bit more on Peter:

Peter is a bonafide expert in the field of social marketing and social design for the web. In 2004, he founded The Blog Studio, the world’s first design studio focussed specifically on the then emerging social web. He regularly speaks and writes about social media, and has been featured in numerous books and articles and interviews. His web and identity design work have won a number of awards, is seen by over a million people per week, and generates millions in revenue for his clients.

Nick La, the workshop leader for this event and the brains behind the Web Designer Wall blog, as well as owner of N.Design Studio, IconDock, and Best Web Gallery will be on hand to offer a complete overview and immersion into the power that is WordPress.

Refresh Events encourages WordPress users to step up and engage:

If you want to learn how to create your own WordPress themes, understand how to use template tags and conditional tags to format and display the data you want, or how to use WordPress as a content management system, Nick will take you from WordPress Zero to Hero in 7 hours flat.


  • 8:30am: Attendee Registration, Breakfast & Networking
  • 9:30am: Keynote address, Peter Flaschner
  • 10:00am: Nick La
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch
  • 3:00pm-3:15pm: Coffee Break
  • 5:00pm: Closing Comments

For more on this event, click here.