Want to Work for HootSuite? Your Chances of Getting Hired are Less Than 2%

Vancouver-based HootSuite has become one of those companies everybody and their dog wants to work for. Which means it’s all the more difficult to actually land a job there.

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to trying to snag a spot on HootSuite’s team. The good news is that the company is hiring like crazy: HootSuite grew from 80 employees to 230 this year. The Canadian startup tripled its workforce in one year. And now with more than five million users worldwide, you know Owly is going to need even more help in 2013.

But here’s the bad news—HootSuite receives about 650 resumes per month. So you’re a needle in a haystack. If HootSuite got 8,000 resumes in the past year, and hired 150 people, your odds of scoring a job at the company are less than 2%.

Fortunately, you don’t manage to become HootSuite’s latest employee, you can always comb through the Techvibes Job Board for other local tech opportunities.