Working Longer Hours Greatly Boosts Risk of Stroke, Study Finds

Working beyond the standard 40 hours per week can greatly increase your risk of stroke, research suggests.

Working an average of 55 or more hours per week versus 40 or fewer boosts stroke risk by one third, according to a review of 17 studies covering more than 500,000 men and women across an average of ove seven years—even when smoking, alcohol, and physical activity were considered.

Working 41 to 48 hours increases risk by about 10%, suggests the study, published in The Lancet. Overworking also boosts the risk of developing coronary heart disease, though the connecting evidence was not as strong.

Ultimately, the report concludes that excessive working and its related stresses carries with it cardiovascular risk factors. So follow your heart, and only work as much as you need to.

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