WorkSpace Cafe Announces Business and Technical Seminar Series

workspace logoWorkSpace, the shared office/cafe in Gastown, has played host to a great number of events from various groups. Now, they’re going to run their own. New owner Jayson Minard writes to announce the WorkSpace B3 event series, where B3 = Build a Better Business, running weekday evenings starting in October. Within this series are two tracks: business and technical.

The first business event is “Managing an Agile Development Team” on October 15.

Agile development has proven to help build more effective development teams. Sure you can learn about the mechanics of the process, but how do you engage and manage your agile development team? What should you expect from your team? How do you know it is working? How do you tune your team? How do you build collective ownership? What infrastructure helps or hinders the team? What are some of the tricks and pitfalls? How do you manage outwards and upwards from the team? Of course this session provides insight into these questions and other topics surrounding agile development.

For a full list or to register, visit the WorkSpace B3 post.