World Cup, videos and social media

In less than 10 days the world will pause to watch the “beautiful game”.  June 10th will see South Africa play host to the World Cup: the most popular sporting event in the world.  Different ethnicities and cultures will unite to share in the love of soccer. 

While millions of footy fans tune in at home, congregate en masse and pour over media observations, how will the world’s smartest marketers attract the attention of their increasingly segmented audiences?  Social , and videos in particular, are bound to play a role.

YouTube has already been flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of World Cup related videos and marketing ploys.
Last week, Nike’s epic 2010 World Cup film threw down the gauntlet, and dared brands to link athleticism to fans’ dramatic visceral reactions.

Pepsi also pushed audience attention span boundaries with their ad bridging the cultural divide between North & South.

What new social media initiatives will we see during World Cup 2010?