No More World Junior Spoilers Thanks to Molson Canadian

Canadians love the annual World Junior Hockey Championships. But every couple years they don’t take place in a North American friendly time zone. And this is one of those years.

The time difference means that most hockey-starved Canadians will be sleeping when the game is on – and will probably record games to watch later.

Sports fans know there is nothing worse than someone (or some website) blabbing the score and ruining the game for you before you get a chance to replay it.

Don’t worry – Molson Canadian has got your back.

Molson Canadian has created a Google Chrome extension for the 2013 Tourney that scans websites and gives you a spoiler alert pop up if pages contain content that could spoil a World Jr. Hockey Championship score.

Thanks Molson. Canadian hockey fans thank you. If only you could do something about the NHL season.