Xtreme Labs’ Speedtest Ranked in Top iPhone Utilities of 2008

SpeedtestThe year isn’t quite out yet, but as MobileCrunch reports, Apple has created page on the iTunes Store listing the top sellers of year, dubbed “iTunes 2008”. Toronto-based Xtreme Labs, part of Extreme Venture Partners, has developed a handful of free apps including Answers, Daily Poll, and World Traffic Cameras. But their most popular application of all has ranked as iTunes #7 free utility app of 2008: Speedtest.

Simple but effective, Speedtest performs a download/upload speed test on your 3G or Wifi connection. It is useful for troubleshooting network coverage issues, or simply for geeky curiosity. There were a few similar apps that came out when the Store launched, but Speedtest has been dominated the field and improved considerably since it’s first release. Speedtest is ad supported, a $1.99 Pro version is available without ads. Further, Speedtest acts as an advertisment for their agency, with an About tab that lets you know they specialize in Internet and smartphone development.

Their own statistics show over 2 million tests run, and for most of these they have a GPS location stored. Theoritically then, Xtreme Labs has a large amount of data on the quality of 3G. I’d encourage Xtreme Labs to do something interesting with this data, like a map mashup or a study of speeds over time as more people have signed on with 3G data plans.

Did I miss any others on the list from Canada?