Xtreme Launches World’s First Multiple Cell Phone Bluetooth Gateway, XLink

Twenty million households in the USA have done away with landlines, using their cell phones as their default phones. But old habits can be hard to break and some might miss the convenience of receiving calls through their old landline.

Calgary-based Xtreme Technologies Corporation has launched XLink, which routes up to three cell phones through your old landline, even if you’ve already abandoned regular phone service (or set up in addition to your existing landline service). The landline phone can be enabled to use distinct rings for each cell phone, so nobody has to become a receptionist for their roommate or colleague. The product also comes with an optional long-distance service. Skype support is coming in 2009.

For those thinking of giving up their regular landline or who are regretting doing so, this service seems to offer a pretty good compromise between landline-plus-cell or fully mobile for the home or office.