Y Combinator Demo Day

The Y Combinator incubator’s latest start ups recently showed of their work to VC’s and press in Silicon Valley. While news had been trickling out about the current Y Combinator startups the Demo Day provided the first official look at the amazing startups that have been built by this year’s participants. In total twelve companies presented, several have already signed on clients or have already received VC investments.

Listia: provides ‘auctions for free stuff’, users can earn credits for free stuff when they sell things they no longer need. They can then use the credits they earned to bid on things they want. Listia has a very interesting concept; it could end up being a really fun site. However, people can already find things for free on Craigslist and Kijiji without the hassle of credits or auctions. Listia combats this by providing 500 credits when a user signs up.

Directed Edge: has created a product recommendation engine similar to Amazon’s. The recommendations are designed to fit in with any existing ecommerce website.

Rent hop: provides an alternative to Craigslist by offering free apartment listings. The site currently provides apartment information for New York. They claim the Craigslist is overrun with fake listings but don’t seem to say why their site will be different if it becomes popular.

Highlightcam: is a service that can scan hours of video footage and pick out key moments. For example their software can scan hours of security footage and a operator can review the highlight reel. The company is working on a API that will allow developers to use the Highlightcam software on their own projects. Highlightcam can take any video and create a 20-30 second trailer.

Bump: Bump is designed for smartphones and allows users to exchange contact information on the go. It is similar to a digital business card that is transferred when users bump their phones together. Bump is currently available as a free iPhone app.

Mixpanel: a real time analytics platform that tracks advanced metrics. The platform uses existing data sources such as Google Analytics to track things like signups and payments.

FanChatter: a platform for sports teams, tv networks, colleges and corporations to integrate social-media into their advertising mediums. For example a billboard at a baseball game that displays pictures and comments sent in by fans attending the game.

Olark: integrates chat widgets into websites. Visitors to a website can engage the webmaster via IM, with the messages forwarded to any IM service.

Job Spice: is an online resume editor. Users input their resume information and can seamlessly change the appearance of their resume with built in templates.

Jobpic: a marketplace for services. Users can either browse the various services being offered or sell their own. Examples of services being sold include music lesions, haircuts, language lessons and web design.

RethinkDB: a database optimized for solid state drives.

FlightCaster: allows you to check the status of a flight. The site says 25% of all flights are delayed, but the airlines do not publish this information quickly. FlightCaster aims to assist those in a hurry by notifying them of a delayed flight and helping them purchase an alternative flight.