Yahoo! Canada trumps Google for naming rights

One referee. Two fists of fury. Three signals to throw. Who will emerge victorious and be named the 2008 Yahoo! World Champion of Rock Paper Scissors?

That’s right – Yahoo! Canada has stepped up and purchased the naming rights for the 2008 World Championships of Rock Paper Scissors (RPS). With global bragging rights and $13K cash prizing on the line, the World RPS Society and Yahoo! Canada have announced an international field of professional-level RPS players will compete head-to-head at the 2008 Yahoo! Rock Paper Scissors World Championships on Saturday, October 25th in Toronto.

“What other sport provides you with the opportunity to literally come out of nowhere and leave as a World Champion?” says Graham Walker, Events Chairman, World RPS Society. “Yahoo’s backing helps us to up the ante even further while bringing added visibility and mainstream interest to our doorstep. Part social event and part pop culture phenomena, this will prove to be a storied Saturday evening as the business at hand unfolds. There may not be blood, but plenty of egos will get bruised.”

Last year, over 700 competitors and spectators converged on Toronto to take in the RPS championship.

Apparently Google was also interested in the naming rights so the World RPS Society had them settle it by…. you guessed it RPS. Yahoo! Canada took two straight with scissors followed by paper.