YikeSite CMS Named by the People

YikeSite LogoToday on Maple Leaf 2.0, Mark Evans highlighted the public launch of Victoria based content management system YikeSite. YikeSite claims to be an easier way to keep your simple website up to date. Whether it be managing your own small business website, your client’s website, or your cousin’s website – YikeSite lets you save time and money, the do-it-yourself way.

The YikeSite content management system was developed by Animiki for one of their clients and they decided to launch it for public consumption. Problem:they had been referring to the CMS internally as Asábiké (pronounced Ah-Saw-Bee-Kay) and they knew the name wouldn’t cut it with the masses.

Solution: Animiki left the naming of their CMS to the public and set up a site called NameMyApp.com where people could vote for their favorite name & logo. YikeSite beat Asabike 2-1.

Want to learn more about YikeSite? Listen to their interview on The Web 2.0 Show.