Your iPhone Can Now File Your Taxes with Intuit’s New Mobile App, SnapTax

No one likes filing their taxes. But what if it were as simple as snapping a pic with your trusty iPhone?

Intuit has launched SnapTax in Canada. Built on the foundation of TurboTax, SnapTax makes tax filing possible through an Apple smartphone. All a user has to do is take a photo of their T4 slip, then answer a few basic questions on their mobile device. And voila! Like magic, tax season has come to an end.

“Nothing comes close to SnapTax. You take a picture, review the forms and file. Just like TurboTax, the calculations are guaranteed accurate,” said Jeff Cates, president of Intuit Canada. “We know Canadians love their iPhones and iPod touches, and know they’re using them for just about everything these days. With SnapTax that now includes getting their maximum tax refund!”

The app is free to use and filing your taxes costs just $10 through Netfile. SnapTax is also backed by the same Secure Sockets Layer encyrption as TurboTax, ensuring that your iPhone is as safe as your desktop.