Your Network = Success in 2009

CCAT LogoThey say that in an economic downturn (ok I’ll just say it…depression.) a strong network can be the difference between your company’s success and failure.  If the packed house at CCAT’s Tech Tradeshow last night was any indication, this mantra is alive and well in Calgary.

Close to 20 companies were set up on the main floor of the Alastair Ross Technology Centre, and over 125 people packed the house to mix, mingle and exchange different views on the where the economy is heading in 2009.  If I had to sum up the overall feeling in the room, I’d say people are cautiously optimistic on how they think their business will be effected in the face of an economic downturn.  Businesses still need to operate, and if you can help them do more with less, the purse strings may not be as tightly knotted as mainstream media would have you believe.

To help you stay connected and expand your network CCAT has some great events coming down the pike in 2009…

  • The Future of Internet:  Fighting Cybercrime at Home and around the Globe – Feb. 18th
  • The Future of Gaming:  Serious, Casual & Hardware – March. 18th
  • The Future of Health Care:  Calgary Scientific & Ward of the 21st Century – April 15th

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