Zappos teams up with Ottawa’s

Ottawa interactive media company Overlay.TV has teamed up with online shoe-selling giant Zappos to add an interactive video experience to shoe shopping.

Zappos has launched Overlay.TV for Retail on the e-commerce site, premiered by Overlay.TV back in June.

The interactive video component allows shoppers to view a product in action in the video, click one tab for additional information, click another to quickly share the video on Twitter or Facebook and of course, purchase the product they see directly from the video.

“The ability to see a product in action, to click on it for more information, to share it on Facebook, and add it to your cart without even leaving the page is a major change for this industry,” said Overlay.TV CEO Rob Lane in a press release. “Our approach is 100% about improving the customer experience, and giving them the tools to share that experience with their networks, which makes what we’re doing a perfect fit for Zappos.”

“Overlay.TV for Retail made a lot of sense to us,” said Brian Kalma, Director of User Experience & Web Strategy for in the press release. “It enables us to stay focused on content, experience an overall better service, without the need to invest heavily in video production and delivery, or go through huge efforts to modify our media every time we want to offer our customers a better promotion.”

Currently, Zappos is still in the initial roll-out phase with Overlay.TV for Retail, with the feature already added to the online retailer’s Nike section.

Eventually, Zappos plans to add the feature to other product pages, as well as enable customers to record testimonial and review videos.

“User reviews are extremely powerful, and putting a face to those reviews makes them even more valuable to the consumer,” said Lane. “It’s the difference in credibility between a recommendation given to you by a friend and one scrawled on the bathroom wall.”