Zapproved brings email accountability to projects

Zapproved promises to end endlessly circling project delays by giving email recipients two responses to new projects: approve or deny. Well, it’s not exactly that simple. Users are also given the ever-dangerous “Comment” function, but the goal is for decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.

Portland-based Zapproved is really pushing the accountability and transparency aspects, because an undeniable paper trail happens when you are forced to either approve, deny or make a comment to every decision, and no team member can claim to be out of the loop. Zapproved officially launched on December 15, and they also now offer Zapproved Premium with custom branding, unlimited archiving and bigger attachments and storage limits for $12 per month.

About 1,500 users signed up during Zapproved’s Beta, so they are naturally hoping for some strong growth now (particularly with their Premium accounts). TechFlash reports that Zapproved is currently self-funded, but are hoping for an angel round in the first quarter of 2009.