Zerofootprint making the world a better place

I spoke too soon when I said that ProductWiki was the only Canadian start-up nominated for a 2007 Crunchie. Toronto-based Zerofootprint also got the nod in the Most likely to make the world a better place category. 

Zerofootprint’s mission is to empower individuals and communities to fight climate change in measurable and practical ways. The site develops applications and initiatives to measure and manage carbon and ecological footprint for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These are made available over the Web with social networks to help every person, organization, city and community know where they stand in the climate crisis and how they can make a difference in the aggregate.

The chief goal of the company is to raise awareness among individuals and groups that everything we consume has some impact on the environment. The company is fighting global warming in two ways: encourage carbon reduction, and sell offsets for the remainder.

The site allows individuals and firms to see how much how much carbon they are emitting into the atmosphere through consumption by using their Zerofootprint calculator. They also offer individuals and entities the ability to purchase carbon offsets directly at their “Carbon Shop.”

Zerofootprint is #26 on December’s Toronto Start-up Index.